•  Microfabric Golf Glove
  •  Microfabric Golf Glove
Microfabric Golf Glove  Microfabric Golf Glove

Product Introduction

- Basic Standard

1. Stitches distance should be well-proportioned and straight at 11~ 12 stitches per inch.No "jumping", broken stitches, wild stitches.

2. Seams distance should be well-proportioned and straight on double stitching.Seam distance between 0.2~0.25 cm, stitching trim distance between 0.1~0.15cm.

3. Using correct No10.ballpoint needles for golf gloves.Not have obvious pinhole;

4.3 folded yarns-high elastic thread stitching around the fingers opening,width no longer than 2mm. No float stitches, broken stitches;

5. Starting and ending stitching should be carried out by "back stitch"at 4~5 stitches;

6. Loose threads on outside views no longer than 5 mm, on inside views no longer than

3mm. No more than 2 loose threads per glove;

7. Not accept any fabrics which contain any azo dyes or banned chemicals/substances.

Fabrics can be passed Oeko-Tex Standard 100

or follow the international environmental standards;

8. All fabric's color fastness as determined by ISO 105-04E-2013

or acceptable international standard;

9. All printing adhesion well, no color shift,bubble appear, deguming, oil spillingor dentating is not allowed;

10.Gloves clean and free from dirt, grease, or other impurtities;

11.When Packing, A pair of gloves shouldn't be same hand, hanging with different sizes,

using wrong Barcode & Hangtag, or lacking of size label. 

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