The Global Supply Solution  

EZONE is a corporation offering a unique Global Supply Solution through a full range of leisure items, golf products, sporting goods as well as personal customize design to customers worldwide.

Our offer encompasses an unrivalled service that contributes to supply chain process optimisation and cost savings for customers. Our value added service is based on a long-term partnership approach, carefully tailored to the circum-stances of each customer, consisting of a combination of own logistics, efficient e-business solutions and consulting services.  

The members of EZONE are independent family-owned companies with a long-term view of the business and a relevant market position.

EZONE builds upon the strength of their local presence and facilitates their in-ternational approach in a way, which helps them meeting the challenges of global market trends and evolving needs of international customers. EZONE thereby offers a sustainable growth path for its members.

EZONE is founded newly in 2004, with a strong focus on quality, performance and continual improvement, in a manner which best meets changing customer needs as well as the service needs of its members. This focus is underpinned by our ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Mission, Vision, Values  
Our central Mission as a Global Distribution Network is to continually increase the economic and operating benefits we bring to our customers.
Central to both our mission and vision is the adherence of all EZONE members  to the core Values: Reliability, Drive and Flexibility, Innova-tion and Integrity. This value set governs our daily actions and has done so since the first days of our formation in 2004.   

Corporate Social Responsibility  
EZONE is aware of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and has respective CSR policies in place. This involves taking into consideration all social and envi-ronmental impacts created by our business operations as well as adhering to the international rules of Corporate Compliance. Our suppliers and partners are expected to share and support this commitment:

Ecological Responsibility

EZONE is committed to minimising its environmental footprint within its sphere of influence by reducing the consumption of all natural resources as well as minimising the harmful effects of pollution from waste, chemicals and greenhouse gases. Our Environmental Management System im-plemented according to requirements of ISO 14001 is the basis for this pro-gramme. Responsibility for People The Health and Safety of our customers and employ-ees, Fair Labour Conditions, the Protection of Human Rights as well as the Pro-hibition of Corruption and Bribery are among the fundamental operating princi-pals of EZONE. Responsible Supply Chain EZONE strives towards a Responsible Supply Chain by opting for suppliers of integrity according to our Supplier Code of Conduct.

All EZONE members have committed to our corporate social responsibility by applying the EZONE Supplier Code of Conduct as well as the EZONE Code of Ethics within their business principles and trading operations.